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What is integrative chiropractic?


It’s understanding that everyone is different! You have a unique body and a unique set of stresses and health challenges. So it makes sense that the one size fits all “back cracking” approach to pain simply won’t always work.


When you come in and see Dr David Pham, he willl take the time to really understand you and your situation – what is going on in your body and in your life. He will perform a comprehensive set of tests and checks to uncover the real causes of your health issues, not just focus on the superficial symptoms. 


David wants to help you make better decisions about your health, three steps at a time. He finds ways to relieve the pain or discomfort that brought you in.


He works with you to repair your body and address the underlying issues that caused your symptoms. He helps you to build and maintain a truly remarkable, happy and healthy version of you.

“It’s about achieving long lasting relief and a new sense of well-being - free from pain, free from injury, free from self-doubt so you can perform your best, feel your best and be your best!”

Integrative chiropractic care for the whole family


Our integrative family chiropractic care is unique, just like you. It is based on the 3 key facets of optimal health: a strong physiology, a nutrient-dense biochemistry, and a sound neurology and mental outlook. 


We believe in combining proven, scientific protocols with time-tested methods. We integrate the best of allied health treatments, modern medicine and traditional, natural medicines.

People respond differently to different treatment approaches. That’s why David tailor designs health programs that target your individual health concerns with pinpoint accuracy. David takes the time to deeply understand your concerns, so that you can achieve transformational results on your own terms.

Gentle methods and techniques


Understanding that everyone is different is key to working out the best approach to your needs. 


That’s why David has a diverse range of protocols and techniques with your specific concerns and needs in mind. These include the use of an Activator (aka ‘Chiropractic Clicker’) and the Activator Method, Cranial and Sacral techniques (where finger pressure points are lighter than if you were testing the ripeness of a tomato), and the Drop Table technique.


These gentle methods complement the manual methods available and are easy on children and those a little nervous about manual adjustments.

Activator Method - Gentle Chiropractic technique.png
Our philosophy is simple. We’re all about helping you and your family live the best life you possibly can.
We want you to be pain-free, stress-free, vibrant, full of energy, emotionally balanced, and in control of your health.
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