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We know that movement and exercise are hugely beneficial to your health, heart and happiness. Getting your heart beating fast pumps blood around your body, revitalising your cells. Burning up calories helps you maintain a healthy weight and lowers your risk of disease. Vigorous exercise releases endorphins, boosting your happiness and self-esteem.

During our school years, we start reducing the freedom of movement that we experienced as children. We spend our days sitting down and learning, and then transition to working at a desk as adults. Most people never change this habit.

For some, this is counteracted by playing sports. However, playing a sport can mean that we repeat the same movements over and over, putting strain upon particular parts of the body. Similarly, for those who don’t play sport or exercise regularly, inactivity places physical stress upon the body.

Myofascial Biomechanics & Posturology

Sitting with poor posture for extended periods —like having your head protracted towards the screen, can result in debilitating symptoms, including shoulder pain and impingement; pressure on neck joints; shortening of muscles; headaches; nerve symptoms in the arms; and spinal disc injuries. Unfortunately, for the average office worker, it doesn’t stop there. Skipping meals, unhealthy snacking and quick, easy meal choices can also impact negatively on your health. As does general work stress. In today’s digital world, it can be almost impossible to “switch off” from work mode. Higher levels of stress can lead to a range of health issues, as well as lowering your productivity and engagement. Over time, our bodies lose the freedom of movement we once had. It takes much time and hard work to get back to where we once were as young people. 

David understands that everyone has a different physicality, with different strengths and weaknesses. He knows breaking old habits can be hard  —but you don't have to do it alone.

David has a sustainable approach through his holistic and integrative health programs. The aim is to build mental and physical strength over time, from relief to management.

By helping you to obtain pain relief from physical ailments; develop better posture; create and maintain an achievable dietary plan; and manage stress through tailored mindset protocols, David can help you keep your mind and body in check.

David is a Certified Foot Levelers Proprioceptive Orthotic Prescriber and the only Foot Levelers prescriber on the Mid-North Coast. David also has extensive training in OHS and Workplace Best Ergonomic Practice and is accredited by SafeWork, formely WorkCover (SIRA - registration 4052).

If you feel you need help making changes to your posture and exercise habits, your ergonomics at home and at work, or discuss your custom orthotics needs, schedule an appointment with us today.

My Approach
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